"Gulf Today Interview "
What is your inspiration for the Swarovski Elements fashion show? 
- My inspiration was from the movie DANGEROUS  LIAISON it was a movie talking about two different  women fall in love with the same man, a man who has a reputation of CASANOVA. One she loves him from her soul and the other from her instinct. And between the selfishness and the divine  there was a conflict to see who is going to win by the end.
How did you choose what two sides you would portray in your designs?
- I have chosen the two sides to present  the depths of our spirit  to show the unexplored things that make us sail through our imagination and inspiration of the most prestigious event, which takes us to the magic and glory in the world of fashion.
What were your two sides? 
- The two side were, one who is going to present the divine woman, and the second is going to present the selfish woman.
Do you have to provide your own material/crystals for the show?
- Swarovski Element gave us a budget for the crystal only and other materiel would be provide by the designer 
Are you given a budget for the show? If yes, then are you able to complete your designs in the allotted budget?
- Yes. I think we are going to cross it.
Is there a specific criterion you have to follow for the designs? If yes, what? If no, then did you set any guidelines for yourself and what were they?
The guidelines were the spirit of the movie and the ERA of the sixteen century presented in a modern way and AVANT GARDE  dresses .
What do you hope to achieve from showcasing your designs at the fashion show?
- The event of Swarovski Element is  one of the biggest fashion show happens, so of course every designer would like to succeed and glow through his designs and inspiration.
Are your designs going to be on the rack somewhere in the UAE? If yes, where?
- Yes. And step by step we will see our success will lead us.
Have any of your other designs been in some shops, or in other fashion shows? Please specify?
- Yes we made to many fashion shows, the latest one was with Arabia Style and Swarovski Element fashion show ( JAWAHER ). And recently I have launched my  prêt a porter collection and now it’s in  ( Bebo e mio ) and later on is going to be in more shops.
What happens next (after the show is over)?
- We are going to do our best and we wait to see what will happen.

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