"Dubai in Frame Interview"
1. Tell us about your current collection and your tie up with ‘Swarovski Elements Sense of Two.’
Now I am preparing my weeding collection it’s  going  be  to ready on march ,and of course as usual the collection will glow and shine with the crystal of Swarovski element as they always continue and reveal my inspiration .
Me as a  partner  of  Swarovski  elements are always in harmony we melt  our inspiration in  the   same mold  to bring to people the best  designs .  
2. You studied Architecture and interior design before you realized your love for fashion. Tell us, how you, perhaps use the knowledge that you acquired in interior design to your fashion label today. Do you?
All the major of Art are connected together they  all need talent and big inspiration ,I’ve always wanted to a fashion designer ,and my studies in interior made me take another perspective to my collections ,and made me combine the feminine touch of fashion with the strong lines of architect  ,so it will reveal an elegant and  sexy collection . 
3. What is your design philosophy?
 My philosophy of design is to embody my thoughts and my desires that do not stop and no limits to show women in the concept of elegance with a modern touch to be always and never  overlooking  and  gorgeous .  
4. Who would wear a Nariman Zeidan design?
Evrey  woman who  wants  to be distinguished , unique and elegant .  
5. Where do you draw your inspirations from
I get inspired form every things get in the frame of ART, painting exhibition, sometimes a movie, music, or when I travel or from normal people and things happen in your daily life.
6. you are preparing to launch a new catalogue of haute couture collection. Please tell us more about that.
We are launching a new catalogue of haute couture  design  with the corporation of one of the biggest fabric  shop in Dubai and its going to be in the market in January .
7. What do think of the current trend of the Jallabiya? Everyone seems to have ‘modernized’ it. Comments and thoughts?
I was the first one who put the jallabia in the frame of HAUTE COUTURE    and that happened when I was asked to do a collection for HARAYER presenter RAHAF AL TAWIL and they wanted the  jallabia  to be conservative for the TV. 
So  I took it and I’ve added Swarovski crystal and new cut and shape ,by that, I made the  jallabia to look glamorous like it never was .
8. Lastly, what are your future plans for your brand, Nariman Fashion Design?
Now I’m preparing to launch my new collection of prêt-a-porter chic and its going to be in some of the big shops in Dubai .

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