The beginning was a hobby, she discovered her passion for creativity at a young age. She began designing and creating her own pieces from home, under the guidance of her mother who was a couturier herself.

She started as an interior designer, but her passion for fashion pushed her to change studies to fashion throughout 3 years. After graduation she traveled to Italy to refine her knowledge in fashion and couture. She worked in Lebanon the city of glamour, elegance, and fashion with so many famous fashion designers such as Choueiter, David abi Khalil, Blanca, Sabaji, and many others.

- In 1999, she moved to UAE and settled in Dubai to open her own fashion house under the name of Nariman Fashion Design.
- In 2007, 2008 she had many fashion shows in Beirut and Dubai.
- In 2008 she launched her couture Jalabeya from the stadium of Haraier a tv program at Sama Dubai, she got her inspiration from the traditional clothing of Turkish and Moroccan designs combined together, as well she was the first designer in the GCC to make these types of luxury Abayas. In the same year she was invited to be in the abaya events of Swarovski elements.
- In 2010 Nariman was chosen among the hundred distinguished personalities in the UAE as per the evaluation of Hot 100 Magazine.

As she participated in Dubai Arabian Style, Nariman took her success as a challenge Piece to ultimately adorn the perfect female form.

- In 2011 she launched her collection of pret-a-porter which was displayed in some UAE shops . In the same year she was chosen to participate in the big event of Swarovski Elements (SENSE OF TWO )among the ten best Designers in UAE.
- In 2012 she was chosen to be the fashion police to comment on celebrities on The red carpet for AHLAN ARABIA magazine. Nariman Zeidan is a distinguished fashion designer who works with passion, and Her touch of elegance can be spotted in her clothes once you see them.